Top Antivirus Software of 2011

Since the digital age progresses, computers become more efficient and − particularly for businesses − mandatory. However, with the increase of technology comes the proliferation of viruses, each more sinister and harmful than the past, prepared to manipulate and destroy each bit of information it might access. Fortunately, software companies are on their guard against such viruses, and they’ve improved their services through the years.

1. Vipre Antivirus is among the most recent antivirus software on the marketplace, so it is not yet quite as popular as, say, McAfee, Kaspersky, or Avast. Still, it can still kick some viruses to get the work done. It functioned well in the three chief regions of antivirus protection: prevention, detection, and elimination. It will not slow down your computer, and while it’s not the easiest software to set up, its setup procedure is by no means hard either − it just requires a restart.

2. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 provides remote management of programs and also blocks the transmission of user-defined data. Its user-friendly interface shows the tools most used by the consumer. Additionally, it offers you an option to exhibit basic, intermediate, or expert antivirus tools. It scans in the background, all of them while leaving your computer’s performance unaffected. Today, BitDefender is still one of the most recommended programs to use.

3. McAfee Antivirus is among the world’s first computer antivirus software. Being among the industry’s pioneers, McAfee has gained sufficient experience to provide superbly advanced features and technology: It blocks computer viruses within milliseconds. It’s 8 times faster than its previous versions. Additionally, it offers better protection from malicious Web sites in comparison to other programs. McAfee’s most important disadvantage is it is a little slower compared to other applications. Nonetheless, McAfee remains among the best antivirus programs that users can purchase. This software provides a broad assortment of security and features that operate on all angles. Regular updates on the software make certain that your computer is always closely protected. Suspicious behavior is tracked using Norton’s SONIC 3 behavioral protection attribute.

4. Avast Pro Antivirus. You can not go wrong with this award-winning antivirus program. It has a fantastic reputation and an enviable history for its effective protection against viruses and malware. Its built-in protection against trojans, spyware, and other threats make it the perfect software for most users.

5. Kaspersky Antivirus is among the most popular antivirus software now. The program does not only protect users from common threats such as trojans, spyware, and viruses, but it also protects your computer from new and emerging threats that other antivirus programs may not yet detect. The 2011 upgrade has an easy-access desktop gadget that permits you to utilize the software in an instant. The program also has the capability to scan Web sites and e-mails for malicious software.

6. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is just another trusted antivirus software for protecting your computer effectively against dangers. This one has a proactive program that permits protection when browsing online while keeping the efficient functioning of your computer.